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I just ran across CHIRP, a multi-radio programming software. I gave it a quick try on my Baofeng UV-5R and it seem to work great. It supports a number of radios from Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Alinco, and various Chinese models. 

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  1. You say you used it on the Baofeng uv-5?… Only software I could find was the uv-3r? I down loaded it and installed the software and when I go to down load, it asked for port and I gave it port1,the it asked for the type radio, gave it Baofeng, then it came back with uv-3r, then I said o.k and it went out and looked for the down load from the radio….but came back with an error….it never connected? Any ideas ? Thanks, Mack KE6SKT

  2. Yes, I've used it on a UV-5R. I haven't used it since the day I posted, so I don't recall what I did to make it work, but I don't recall having to do anything special. I don't have the cable handy so I can't try it right now. I'll try to remember to look at it next week sometime.

  3. hello i downloaded the software but it comes up a different unit not UV-5 comes up the UV-3R  cant change it to the UV-5  but when i try to download from the radio i get a message  clone but then i get a message saying cant connect due to first command??  i am having a problem with the com port  i am using com3 but i have to go into the advance mode and i have to change it. because i plug in my cord and it comes up com port 6,7,8  so i change it to com port 3 but its it does not work?? any suggestions  thanks mikeb

  4. Yes, but WHICH daily build supports the UVD-5R?  I've tried 3 of the daily builds prior to the 8th March 2013, and one read from the radio – once only – and I can't remember which one.
    Hardware is working fine (I used it on my Wouxun immediately before trying my 5R and there was no problem.  The COM port (3 in my case) is correct, but I can't get it to work again on any of the 3 builds that I downloaded.  All these £daily builds" might not be necessary if Baofeng wouldn't keep changing the firmware, as it seems, every few days!


  5. Just downloaded the CHirp software.  I do not use a serial port, USB only.  Cannot seem to get radio to talk to software.  U have the 5R.

    1. I haven’t used the software since making this post, since I almost never use a HT. I was using a USB cable, I don’t recall where I got it, but I think I ordered it with the radio. I need to reprogram the rig for the new narrowband public safety frequencies, I’ll try to do that in the next day or two and update this post.

  6. I recently installed a newer version of Chirp on my laptop and was able to reprogram my Baofeng radio without any trouble. 

  7. I want to down load chirp to progran My Yaesu VX-7R I think that it is free down load?
    also need a cable for that radio.
    Need Help Jim

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