Ham Radio Insurance

When I was getting quotes for homeowners insurance I specifically asked my agent about coverage for my tower. It turned out that for just a few dollars a year I could purchase a rider to cover my tower, however the standard $1,000 deductible applies, and it’s not clear if the antennas and rotor are covered. I decided that I was okay with that for the time being.

But I recently upgraded three smartphones, two being Apple iPhone 6s devices, and a Samsung Galaxy S7. The cellular provider is happy to provide coverage for accidental damage for only $9/mo per device, with a $50 deductible, and I have to send the phone off to some 3rd party to attempt to repair it, and if they can’t, they replace it with a “comparable” refurbished device. That doesn’t sound like a good deal at all.

Instead, I purchased a policy from Ham Radio Insurance Associates to cover not only my ham radio equipment, but my smart phones as well. The coverage was less than $100 a year. Next year I’ll probably add my tower, antenna, and rotor to the policy as well, instead of purchasing the rider to my homeowners policy.

If you are wanting to insure your ham radio equipment, be sure to check out HRIA. They have great rates, and the agent is a ham operator.


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W0HC.com Ver 3.0

The website has undergone a massive face lift. Hopefully this improves readability across all types of devices. I’ve also moved to a new and much faster server. W0HC.com is now running on an Ubuntu server at digitalocean.com, instead of a shared hosting provider. The main reason I did this was to get some experience managing… Continue Reading

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No, I will not fix your computer

If you suspect you are infected with Crypto malware (Cryptowall, Cryptolocker, TeslaCrypt, etc) DO NOT follow this guide! This guide is heavily based on a Reddit post by: /u/cuddlychops06. I have reviewed it and given it two thumbs up! Purpose & Scope of this Guide: This guide is designed to assist you in removing malware from… Continue Reading

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Yaesu G-800SA Rotor not turning when cold

I’ve had a Yaesu G-800SA Rotor on my tower since I built it in 2009. I mostly like it, especially the nice big dial on the controller. The fact that it only needs 4 wires to operate is also a plus. One thing I don’t like about this Yaesu Rotor is that it’s very cold… Continue Reading

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Smoking Meat

Over the past several years I’ve taken up a new hobby, totally unrelated to amateur radio, but closely related to ham. Smoking meat! This topic is a bit RF related. Back in 2008 we had a new transmitter installed at work, and we had problems with it from day 1, so the manufacturer sent us… Continue Reading

One Response to Smoking Meat

  1. I just recently got into smoking as well (with the Masterbuilt 30″ Electric too!). Isn’t it the easiest set it and forget it way to cook? I discovered all the different woods that can be used to create different flavors, I hope your experimenting goes well this summer! Enjoy it bud!

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Mostly Inactive

Not many updates here on the blog, mostly because nothing has been going on. I did consider getting on the air a couple of times, but have found that my rotor is frozen due to the extreme cold we’ve been having here in Iowa this winter. It did move when I tried it last Friday,… Continue Reading

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Getting back on the air

Now that summer is winding down I'm finding a few minutes here and there to get on the air again. This has also been prompted by my ten-year-old daughter who wants to learn about ham radio. We made a contact to the Radio Society of Great Britain on SSB which then prompted the ARRL club… Continue Reading

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I’m still here

Things have been awfully quiet here at W0HC. I traded my Chevy Blazer last March, and that started a quest to find a way to fit radios into my new vehicle. I've not been in a big rush to do that, and winter time has slowed me down even more. But I've gotten as far… Continue Reading

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22 Responses to CHIRP Radio Programming Software

  1. You say you used it on the Baofeng uv-5?… Only software I could find was the uv-3r? I down loaded it and installed the software and when I go to down load, it asked for port and I gave it port1,the it asked for the type radio, gave it Baofeng, then it came back with uv-3r, then I said o.k and it went out and looked for the down load from the radio….but came back with an error….it never connected? Any ideas ? Thanks, Mack KE6SKT

  2. Yes, I've used it on a UV-5R. I haven't used it since the day I posted, so I don't recall what I did to make it work, but I don't recall having to do anything special. I don't have the cable handy so I can't try it right now. I'll try to remember to look at it next week sometime.

      • The only way I found to print it out was to do a Print Screen, go to Paint, do a paste & then print. If anyone has a better way, I’m all ears.

      • use ; snipping tool program. Go to the globe in the lower left corner of your screen and type in snipping tool. Left click your mouse and drag it over the section you want to save. Then save it to your desktop. Once on the desktop right click your saved i-con and press print. remember to remove the print to page check mark.

  3. hello i downloaded the software but it comes up a different unit not UV-5 comes up the UV-3R  cant change it to the UV-5  but when i try to download from the radio i get a message  clone but then i get a message saying cant connect due to first command??  i am having a problem with the com port  i am using com3 but i have to go into the advance mode and i have to change it. because i plug in my cord and it comes up com port 6,7,8  so i change it to com port 3 but its it does not work?? any suggestions  thanks mikeb

  4. Yes, but WHICH daily build supports the UVD-5R?  I've tried 3 of the daily builds prior to the 8th March 2013, and one read from the radio – once only – and I can't remember which one.
    Hardware is working fine (I used it on my Wouxun immediately before trying my 5R and there was no problem.  The COM port (3 in my case) is correct, but I can't get it to work again on any of the 3 builds that I downloaded.  All these £daily builds" might not be necessary if Baofeng wouldn't keep changing the firmware, as it seems, every few days!


  5. Just downloaded the CHirp software.  I do not use a serial port, USB only.  Cannot seem to get radio to talk to software.  U have the 5R.

    • I haven’t used the software since making this post, since I almost never use a HT. I was using a USB cable, I don’t recall where I got it, but I think I ordered it with the radio. I need to reprogram the rig for the new narrowband public safety frequencies, I’ll try to do that in the next day or two and update this post.

    • you have to shut off your internet cause the programming cable brings in another program then after you shut of internet to the computer plug in the programming cable and use chirp it will find your port and radio

  6. I recently installed a newer version of Chirp on my laptop and was able to reprogram my Baofeng radio without any trouble. 

  7. I want to down load chirp to progran My Yaesu VX-7R I think that it is free down load?
    also need a cable for that radio.
    Need Help Jim

  8. I’ve downloaded and reloaded the chirp program several times. When it recognizes the radio it will read from radio, but, when I try to write back to radio with changes, it loses it’s mind. Reads radio fine (BF-F8+, ver. BFS297) . I then make changes and save. When I recall that file, random parameters have been changed. If I read back to radio directly from changed read file and close file, the file gets changed. If I re-read radio, info has changed from what I thought I sent. Are there any other programming programs for BF-F8+ (should be same as GT-3)?

  9. i just orderd the Baofeng UV 5 RA radio . I just hope i can program it . when it comes to things like this im as dumb as a rock

  10. I have programmed a few radios but the last two (both UV5RE) will not RX, they TX fine on both FRS/GMRS and HAM Chanels but will not RX anything, anyone have any ideas???

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