W0HC.com Ver 3.0

The website has undergone a massive face lift. Hopefully this improves readability across all types of devices.

I’ve also moved to a new and much faster server. W0HC.com is now running on an Ubuntu server at digitalocean.com, instead of a shared hosting provider. The main reason I did this was to get some experience managing a server, and it was my hope that I enable SSL, so I could learn more about that process and enable it on business site I maintain.

I ran into a lot of problems with SSL, so I’ve tabled that for now. I wasn’t able to determine if it was an issue with Cloudflare’s caching and DNS, a WordPress issue, or some screw up on my part, but the last one seems most probable. I’m using Let’s Encrypt to issue the certificate, and it’s possible there’s something with that cert that Cloudflare doesn’t like. Since Let’s Encrypt is still in Beta, I’m going to wait a bit before investigating further.

Not a lot new on the Ham Radio front. My interest is picking up, but right now time hasn’t really allowed for it. And my wire antenna was damaged in a windstorm and needs repaired. I may be restricted to 20m and up for the winter.

Hope to catch you on the bands. 73

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