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Life has been busy, not much going on as far as ham radio.  Lots of projects on the backburner.

My rotor is no longer rotating.  I believe the motor may have opened up, I'm not getting any resistance reading across the two motor wires, after replacing the wire and connector at the rotor end.  It's too damn hot outside for tower work during the daytime, so maybe tonight I'll climb up there again and ohm across the pins on the rotor itself.  If that still reads open then down it comes.  Not fun.

I've been wanting to get started on ATV for a long while.  I have an exciter, working on finding some sort of power amp, and have an antenna on the way.  I don't have any extra coax though.

I have a new dual band vertical that needs to get installed on the tower to replace a 2m antenna that's bad. 

I've been busy the past few weeks helping the kids with 4H projects and building some storage cabinets in my basement.  Maybe things will slow down a bit now and I can get some of my ham radio projects going again.

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