Smoking Meat

Over the past several years I’ve taken up a new hobby, totally unrelated to amateur radio, but closely related to ham. Smoking meat! This topic is a bit RF related. Back in 2008 we had a new transmitter installed at work, and we had problems with it from day 1, so the manufacturer sent us… Continue reading Smoking Meat

Mostly Inactive

Not many updates here on the blog, mostly because nothing has been going on. I did consider getting on the air a couple of times, but have found that my rotor is frozen due to the extreme cold we’ve been having here in Iowa this winter. It did move when I tried it last Friday,… Continue reading Mostly Inactive

Getting back on the air

Now that summer is winding down I'm finding a few minutes here and there to get on the air again. This has also been prompted by my ten-year-old daughter who wants to learn about ham radio. We made a contact to the Radio Society of Great Britain on SSB which then prompted the ARRL club… Continue reading Getting back on the air

I’m still here

Things have been awfully quiet here at W0HC. I traded my Chevy Blazer last March, and that started a quest to find a way to fit radios into my new vehicle. I've not been in a big rush to do that, and winter time has slowed me down even more. But I've gotten as far… Continue reading I’m still here

CHIRP Radio Programming Software

I just ran across CHIRP, a multi-radio programming software. I gave it a quick try on my Baofeng UV-5R and it seem to work great. It supports a number of radios from Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Alinco, and various Chinese models.

Completed Tower

I just noticed that I’ve never posted a picture of the completed tower. Here it is.

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What’s new

Life has been busy, not much going on as far as ham radio.  Lots of projects on the backburner. My rotor is no longer rotating.  I believe the motor may have opened up, I'm not getting any resistance reading across the two motor wires, after replacing the wire and connector at the rotor end.  It's… Continue reading What’s new

I’m still here

And I’m still busy. I have a couple of projects underway, one is a computer interface for my Yaesu G-800SA rotor. Another is the Amateur TV setup. I’m still hoping to run across an amplifier for it, but I hope to at least start assembling a low powered station next week. Hopefully there will be… Continue reading I’m still here

Where the heck is W0HC?

Sometimes life gets in the way of Ham Radio.  Such has been the case at the W0HC QTH. In the past month I've mostly finished the tower.  Just some minor odds and ends to tie up before the snow flies. The grounding panel is built, the Polyphasers are installed. Coax is run. The tree is… Continue reading Where the heck is W0HC?

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