Mostly Inactive

Not many updates here on the blog, mostly because nothing has been going on. I did consider getting on the air a couple of times, but have found that my rotor is frozen due to the extreme cold we’ve been having here in Iowa this winter. It did move when I tried it last Friday,… Continue Reading

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Getting back on the air

Now that summer is winding down I'm finding a few minutes here and there to get on the air again. This has also been prompted by my ten-year-old daughter who wants to learn about ham radio. We made a contact to the Radio Society of Great Britain on SSB which then prompted the ARRL club… Continue Reading

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I’m still here

Things have been awfully quiet here at W0HC. I traded my Chevy Blazer last March, and that started a quest to find a way to fit radios into my new vehicle. I've not been in a big rush to do that, and winter time has slowed me down even more. But I've gotten as far… Continue Reading

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22 Responses to CHIRP Radio Programming Software

  1. You say you used it on the Baofeng uv-5?… Only software I could find was the uv-3r? I down loaded it and installed the software and when I go to down load, it asked for port and I gave it port1,the it asked for the type radio, gave it Baofeng, then it came back with uv-3r, then I said o.k and it went out and looked for the down load from the radio….but came back with an error….it never connected? Any ideas ? Thanks, Mack KE6SKT

  2. Yes, I've used it on a UV-5R. I haven't used it since the day I posted, so I don't recall what I did to make it work, but I don't recall having to do anything special. I don't have the cable handy so I can't try it right now. I'll try to remember to look at it next week sometime.

      • The only way I found to print it out was to do a Print Screen, go to Paint, do a paste & then print. If anyone has a better way, I’m all ears.

      • use ; snipping tool program. Go to the globe in the lower left corner of your screen and type in snipping tool. Left click your mouse and drag it over the section you want to save. Then save it to your desktop. Once on the desktop right click your saved i-con and press print. remember to remove the print to page check mark.

  3. hello i downloaded the software but it comes up a different unit not UV-5 comes up the UV-3R  cant change it to the UV-5  but when i try to download from the radio i get a message  clone but then i get a message saying cant connect due to first command??  i am having a problem with the com port  i am using com3 but i have to go into the advance mode and i have to change it. because i plug in my cord and it comes up com port 6,7,8  so i change it to com port 3 but its it does not work?? any suggestions  thanks mikeb

  4. Yes, but WHICH daily build supports the UVD-5R?  I've tried 3 of the daily builds prior to the 8th March 2013, and one read from the radio – once only – and I can't remember which one.
    Hardware is working fine (I used it on my Wouxun immediately before trying my 5R and there was no problem.  The COM port (3 in my case) is correct, but I can't get it to work again on any of the 3 builds that I downloaded.  All these £daily builds" might not be necessary if Baofeng wouldn't keep changing the firmware, as it seems, every few days!


  5. Just downloaded the CHirp software.  I do not use a serial port, USB only.  Cannot seem to get radio to talk to software.  U have the 5R.

    • I haven’t used the software since making this post, since I almost never use a HT. I was using a USB cable, I don’t recall where I got it, but I think I ordered it with the radio. I need to reprogram the rig for the new narrowband public safety frequencies, I’ll try to do that in the next day or two and update this post.

    • you have to shut off your internet cause the programming cable brings in another program then after you shut of internet to the computer plug in the programming cable and use chirp it will find your port and radio

  6. I recently installed a newer version of Chirp on my laptop and was able to reprogram my Baofeng radio without any trouble. 

  7. I want to down load chirp to progran My Yaesu VX-7R I think that it is free down load?
    also need a cable for that radio.
    Need Help Jim

  8. I’ve downloaded and reloaded the chirp program several times. When it recognizes the radio it will read from radio, but, when I try to write back to radio with changes, it loses it’s mind. Reads radio fine (BF-F8+, ver. BFS297) . I then make changes and save. When I recall that file, random parameters have been changed. If I read back to radio directly from changed read file and close file, the file gets changed. If I re-read radio, info has changed from what I thought I sent. Are there any other programming programs for BF-F8+ (should be same as GT-3)?

  9. i just orderd the Baofeng UV 5 RA radio . I just hope i can program it . when it comes to things like this im as dumb as a rock

  10. I have programmed a few radios but the last two (both UV5RE) will not RX, they TX fine on both FRS/GMRS and HAM Chanels but will not RX anything, anyone have any ideas???

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31 Responses to Baofeng UV-5R

  1. I just found out about this radio and am really looking forward to grabbing one. I have a couple UV-3Rs and have been wondering when the Chinese were going to come out with a dirt cheap DTMF radio. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I take a look at the UV-3R if you're interested in a sub-$50 HT. They're worth every penny. Now if they'll just make a sub-$100 radio with alpha, I can die a happy man. 73s

  2. I meant, "and take a look" …where'd that "I" come from….anyway, looks like this little guy DOES do alpha! Why isn't it advertised?
    I can't tell if it's a hack or what yet, but I'm so excited I had to post something here!

    • There's a place in the software for an Alpha tag, but I have yet to figure out how to make it display. I really haven't spent much time with the radio though and still haven't read the manual.

  3. You set the display of the memory with menus 21 & 22 or in the software. The SW comes up in the channel info. Use the edit menu on top to open the optional and the DTMF settings.

  4. I bought a UV-5R a couple months ago brand new in box with charger, lithium ion battery, earpiece, and manual for $55 dollars, free shipping, no tax. I love the little radio because it's smaller than the higher priced ones. It works perfectly. I also purchased an extra battery, the programing chord, and software from the same guy.  It came from Hong Kong in about a week and a half. They're even cheaper now. Bought another for my wife. I'm totally satisfied with them. And like the guy says, if it tears up I'll just toss it and buy another.

  5. I don't know how many of you are aware that this radio is now available with a 3600 Mah battery for $65 shipped. I ordered one and it is unrel from a run time aspect. 4 days straight and still going!

  6. Just got this as a replacement for another Chinese dual-channel ht I left on a train. Really liked the first one so when looked for the replacement I didn't really have a problem getting another. Landed on the UV-5R and I'm not disappointed. Works like a champ.

  7. Well I bought one also, cute inexpensive throw away radio works on all frequencies, Business, Law, Fire, Oem disaster, Murs, Frs, & Marine vhf. anything I need on the fly. squelch circut is a bit touchy, my boss wants to buy 50 of them for work. thanks

  8. Bought one and really liked it.  Very comfortable in hand, scanning a bit slow, but acceptable.
    Bad Part ?  Well, it didn't receive or transmit on any freq.  If you get one that works, they are a great little unit, high DOA ratio from what I have been able to pick up on the internet.

  9. Just a note that comments with links to online sellers are going in the spam bin. I don't care if some seller I've never heard of is cheaper, it's my site and I don't wish to push search traffic to sites I'm not familiar with. So don't bother posting your links, as they will NOT appear here. 

  10. I have purchased over 70 of the UV5R units for use on Ham and other commercial frequencies including the marine band for the local marinas. Everyone that uses them loves them…cheap and disposable and reliable, amazing battery life. Won't be long when they surpass the expensive units we are now forced to choose from.(brand names not mentioned!)

  11.  My XYL just bought me one for a belated  birthday present.  Nice little rig. It was cheaper than a new battery pack from my old Yeasu HT.  However, instructions are not in very much detail, for this digtally challenged OP.  I figured out how to enter the offsets FREQ and PL, but can't figure out how to save a FREQ/channel to memory. 
    When put the programming software CD in the drive, I got the Blue Screen Of Death (It was only a scare.)  Next I am going to search for better save to memory instructions.
    For now, it keys up my club repeater and a local linked repeater both 10 miles away, almost line of sight, from my kitchen.

  12. I bought one of these and I kinda like it. It does everything I need it to do and the cost is not much at all. What I am having a problem with is using an external mic. I plug it in and nothing happens. No transmit or receive through the mic. I can still key up the radio.

    I can’t find anything to change in the radios setting. Is anyone else having a problem with this.

    I wrote to the seller of the mic and was told other people have the same problems. Hmmmm.

    • You cannot plug in the speaker mic with the radio on.
      One person wrote that he had to turn the “beep” on or off to make the speaker mic work, I am not sure if he is referring to the Pad tones or the End of transmission “beep”, I believe it was the pad tones.
      Another “on line sight” had you having to trim the sides of the rubber plug so it went in further as there was plastic on each side of the radio that stopped the plug from fully inserting.
      The beep on/off was written on the e-ham site I believe.

    • Some mics are a bit of a pain but try pushing it in hard push the key-up if it then shows it is transmitting you need to file down slightly the ridge of the two jack plugs (the bit near the black plastic end) to allow the jack plugs to be pushed in further. Works for me.Cheers Dav

  13. Got mine from ASSOCIATED RADIO in Ov Pk, KS – $40 w/speaker mic (the regular PTT was really hard to push).  I'll be using it for my commercial fire alarm biz work – inspections and the like.  Still haven't figured out how to make it go to comm. FM, but no biggie.  The manual STINKS, but oh well.  Hard to beat the bux/value ratio.

  14. Just placed an order on eBay UK for the new "UV5R Plus" for £39 (about $62 in US money).  We always pay more for our gear here because of 20% sales tax  and the effect of a smaller market.
    It should be arriving Wednesday or Thursday and I'm looking forward to seeing it.  I already have 2 Wouxun rigs (mine and the XYL's), and love them, apart from the useless S-meter that shows S9++ for any signal that opens the suelch!  The reason for abandoning the Wouxun is because I need a radio for DF, so hoping the S-Meter on the latest Baofeng actually gives a useful reading.

  15. I have discovered that you can Tx inhibit the VFO of these radios using CHIRP. 
    Set the VHF & UHF frequency to 1.000 und uncheck the "Allow Tx" checkboxes.  Now only the memory channels can Tx (listen-only channels can be created by setting duplex to "OFF").
    Handy if you want to use these as PRS radios that require no licensing.  PS: you may have to "upload from radio" first, change your data & then "download to radio".  The radio needs to be in channel mode & on the LOWER display for this to work.

  16. I Purchased two Baofeng UV5R transceivers from an ebay seller based in the UK for £59 including shipping. They are great little radios. The earphone/mic they came with and the separate speaker/mic purchased as an accessory  work well either using  PTT or in VOX mode, this is great if you need both hands free for other things like climbing. Programming via chirp is simple. Battery life is excellent.

  17. I found a way to make the ptt button much easier to press. Remove the battery, slip in a folded piece of paper between the heat sink and the ptt button and you're golden. Gentle touch now is all it takes for me.

  18.  As the price continues to drop the quality seems to be going up. I have several of these radios now including the BF-F9 and the UV-5R and both are excellent radios. Last check on Amazon had them a little over $30 dollars US. 

     I agree that the radios are a good investment for the price. WHy take your $300 dollar radio out in the field when the Baofeng UV-5R does the job well, and if you break it or drop it in the mud you aren't out a weeks wages.

    w7dtg Don

  19. Thanks for the overview.  I bought a UV-5R about a week ago for $29 and I am loving it so far.  I am just a newbie (testing for my tech ticket next week) and having fun just listening and learning and this is a great starting radio.  In the reviews I read, a common complaint is that this radio is hard to program.  Programming with CHIRP makes this extremely easy and I learned how to program it by hand within the first two days, so if a newbie like me can figure it out, I don't think it's that hard.

    Anyway, I love the 5R so much that I've ordered a UV-82 which should be here in two days.  I hear the UV-82 is a considerable upgrade from the 5R so I'm very excited to try it out.  If it meets expectations it will probably be my daily driver and I'll relegate the 5R to my emergency go-bag.

  20. I could not find a link where I can download the owners manual for the uv-5ra

    I have gone to a dozen sites but no luck. Please help!


    Bruce   W7OTQ

  21. I l

    I love this radio, but I just lost the button below the push to talk button. The one for turning on the light. How would I ever get a replacement button. I thought I had the radio in my coat pocket, but when I took it out the button was missing. Is there any way of getting a part replaced?

    • under 2 way radios and then baofeng then repair parts… jsut about anyhtign you want except a metal case… which I am going to try to sand cast my own.

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What’s new

Life has been busy, not much going on as far as ham radio.  Lots of projects on the backburner. My rotor is no longer rotating.  I believe the motor may have opened up, I'm not getting any resistance reading across the two motor wires, after replacing the wire and connector at the rotor end.  It's… Continue Reading

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I’m still here

And I’m still busy. I have a couple of projects underway, one is a computer interface for my Yaesu G-800SA rotor. Another is the Amateur TV setup. I’m still hoping to run across an amplifier for it, but I hope to at least start assembling a low powered station next week. Hopefully there will be… Continue Reading

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Where the heck is W0HC?

Sometimes life gets in the way of Ham Radio.  Such has been the case at the W0HC QTH. In the past month I've mostly finished the tower.  Just some minor odds and ends to tie up before the snow flies. The grounding panel is built, the Polyphasers are installed. Coax is run. The tree is… Continue Reading

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Mostly Done

The tower is now mostly done. The HF antenna is up, as are the 2m and 70cm yagis.  The rotor is installed, and rotates.  Mostly. There's a tree in the way of the HF beam, so it can't rotate.  I have a guy with a boom truck coming to fix that little issue. I still… Continue Reading

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