Mostly Done

The tower is now mostly done.

The HF antenna is up, as are the 2m and 70cm yagis.  The rotor is installed, and rotates.  Mostly. There’s a tree in the way of the HF beam, so it can’t rotate.  I have a guy with a boom truck coming to fix that little issue. I still have coax runs down the tower to make.  And install some 3″ conduit for the coax entry.  And the lightning protection box.  And build a rotor protector.  Polyphaser wants entirely too much money for theirs.

I had planned to run the conduit today, and mount the box for the lightning protectors, but I got called to go to work instead.  Since work pays the bills, and it should be overtime, I’m not complaining.

I came up with a simple system for grounding the antenna coax at the bottom of the tower.  I’ll be working on that a bit more to get it perfected, then I’ll post some info and pictures when I actually get to that stage on the tower.

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