10m Calling Frequencies

I found this list on the Heartland 10mtr and 6mtr and 12mtr group AM/FM/SSB/digital modes Facebook group. It looked like something I could use again so I’m posting it here.

28.025 CW Rare DX & DXpeditions Frequently Operate Here — Split
28070.15 PSK-31 (offset -115 for USB)
28.080 RTTY Rare DX & DXpeditions Frequently Operate Here — Split
28.1010 10/10 Intl CW Calling Frequency
28120.150 — PSK31
28.120-28.300 Beacons
28.380 10/10 SSB Intl Calling Frequency
28.425 10/10 SSB Intl Calling Frequency
28.495 SSB Rare DX & DXpeditions Frequently Operate Here — Split
28.600 Old General Callin Frequency – Still used by Old Timers
28.675~28.685 SSTV Operating Frequency — IARU Region 1
28.680 SSTV Operations USA/Canada
28.825 10-10 Backskatter Net – Paper Chasers Net
28.885 6M DX Liaison Frequency — Listen here for 6 Meter DX opening announcements and discussions.
28.945 FAX Operating Frequency
29.000-29.200 AM Operations
29.300-29.510 Satellite Downlinks
29.520-29.580 Repeater Inputs
29.600 FM Simplex – Calling Frequency
29.620-29.680 Repeater Outputs

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Getting back on the air

Now that summer is winding down I'm finding a few minutes here and there to get on the air again. This has also been prompted by my ten-year-old daughter who wants to learn about ham radio.

We made a contact to the Radio Society of Great Britain on SSB which then prompted the ARRL club station to call us. That was a pretty nice couple of contacts!

Last week I decided to dig out the Signalink USB and get on PSK31. Our first contact there was to Croatia. I plan to do a little SSTV in the near future as well. 

I have an RF issue in the house, that being that transmitting on 20m often causes the smoke alarms to sound. I've ordered some ferrites and hope to track that problem down soon. My thinking is that RF is coming in on the interconnect wiring between the units. And possibly it's radiating down the coax which crosses directly over the that runs to the smoke alarms. I need a real balun on my tri-band beam, so I'll probably order one and get it installed before the cold weather gets here.

Other than that, nothings been happening in Holy Cow's world as far as radio goes.